Employee Screening

Do more due diligence when hiring and or promoting people. Why? Human capital recruiters and human resource personnel agree that about 30 percent of resumés contain fabrications or exaggerations. That’s why it’s crucial to thoroughly check a potential employee’s resumé and background prior to their joining your company.

In today’s business economy, there is growing reluctance of companies to give references. There is increased awareness about security. There are higher standards of accountability that companies and shareholders demand. Even small operations are carefully screening because otherwise, many large firms won’t do business with them. That’s why it’s prudent to complete thorough background checks:

Background Checks

  • Education verification: We will authenticate educational degrees and diplomas issued by domestic and international colleges and universities.
  • Credit history: This is vital information for any person that is in control of major assets of a company such as cash, intellectual properties, or goods of extraordinary value.
  • Criminal convictions
  • Driver’s abstract

The range and depth of these background checks vary according to your type of company and the responsibilities of the employee in question. The Marckis Group can help you determine which or all of these category checks would be beneficial to you. Employees must give a written privacy release and consent for all reference and credit checks.