10 Rules of the Search

Results. Everyone talks about it. We deliver it. We get repeat business because of our “Personal Touch.” Here’s why.

01 We conduct our own searches. We have the industry experience and perceptive ability to analyze skill, competence and fit.
02 We provide client references.
03 We communicate, communicate, communicate. We provide progress reports. We will call you back promptly. You can count on it!
04 We act as a mediator in contract negotiations to add value to both sides and help to achieve a successful outcome.
05 We strive to give your career opportunities – and your company – the spotlight they deserve with results-oriented, targeted exposure!
06 Marckis provides all the specialized tools and services to help you reach your target audience, post careers and access our extensive resumé database so you can find the most qualified candidates – fast!
07 We strive for long term relationships.
08 We FIND qualified candidates through savvy intelligence-gathering. We will not just send you a resumé! We conduct personal interviews with every candidate (where possible) not just telephone interviews.
09 We upgrade our own skills and do our own professional growth development regularly.
10 We offer a guarantee to do the search again if the candidate is not a good fit.