Ask the right questions and steer your career –
Questions a Candidate Should Ask

by: Sharon LeBlanc
Consultant: Training and Research

Is this the right fit for you?

It’s important to ask intelligent questions. The interviewer is listening to what you ask and even what you don’t ask! This is your chance to learn about the company. Remember that you are interviewing the organization as much as it is interviewing you.

1. Why is this position available?

2. What characteristics do you want in the candidate to fill this position?

3. What specifically is the job description?

4. Can you break that down to individual responsibilities?

5. Do you offer any financially support-related, professional development?

6. Would you kindly comment on your management style and reporting structure?

7. Will you tell me about the people on my team?

8. How will you measure my performance? How often will it be reviewed?

9. Will my salary be tied to my performance?

10. Does this company promote from within to fill management positions?

11. What is unique and successful about the organization of this company?

12. What are the company’s short and long range objectives?

13. What character traits do all the company’s successful employees have in common?

14. Where does the company need to make improvements?

15. How does the company think you could make an effective contribution?

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